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Our Mission Statement

Thank You, for Visiting Over The Rainbow Sanctuary

We are dedicated to providing a nurturing peaceful and loving environment for pigs and farm animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Pigs are the most misunderstood animal on the planet and we are committed to helping them with all of our being.

“The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World Are The Ones Who Do” ~ Steve Jobs

We will work to provide education to the public of the horrific problems due to the breeding and selling of small breed pigs that have been mislabeled and falsely advertised as Mini, Micro, Nano or Tea Cup pigs by uneducated breeders. There is absolutely no such pig. They are often runt pigs bred to runt pigs and the seller advises a feeding plan that will starve the poor pig to death. They are unhealthy and may die at an early age due to bad breeding and an inadequate diet. Most smaller breeds of pigs will reach a weight of 75 to 150 lbs. Some Pot-Bellied pigs get even bigger than this. Pigs grow for 5 years before they reach a fully mature weight and size and can still gain more weight depending on their environment.

Pigs can be the most wonderful pets for some people, however most are purchased without proper research as many animals are. There is nothing cuter than a baby pig or puppy, but when they start getting bigger than the owner had planned and the pig has not been spayed or neutered at a young age, the pigs often become more than most people can handle in their home and either locked in a room or tossed in a small outside pen after having been adapted to the house and family, of which they have been attached too, and often completely neglected to die in the elements.

When pigs are not spayed or neutered they most often develop behavior problems, and often will develop some behavior problems due to lack of the owner misunderstanding them anyway. They are very smart animals, with an intelligence level of a five-year-old child, meaning they can weigh their options and think things out before following the rules. They are quite capable of training people to get their way. Pigs get extremely attached to their family, whether it be their siblings or the human family they live with, they show their affection differently than dogs and each one has a very different personality much like people do. When separated from their loved ones or family they become extremely depressed, they can cry real tears like people and even sometimes die from a broken heart.

Pet pigs are now in crisis, there are far too many of them and too few safe places for them to go. This must stop and we need to work together to ensure that this can happen. Sanctuaries all over the world are completely maxed out with these unwanted animals, mostly because people have been miss led about their size, and or problems due to behavior and misunderstanding of the animal. If you get a pig from a reputable rescue, they should be already spayed or neutered and given vaccines. They will come with instructions and requirements for their living space and will be able to be returned if they do not work out in your family. Please consider this before purchasing a pig and please do your research first.

Please contact a sanctuary and ask questions before you purchase a pig, and Thanks again for visiting our page!

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